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Andreas Petrides: Indigenous Quiver, 2013 Poetry of authentic traditional material

By G. Frangou […]

The poet brings to life the Cypriot landscape once more without pompous rhetoric but with sounds and images discrete and modest, tranquil and soft, and without the spectacular effects of a glaringly artificial ostentatious modernity. Andreas Petrides creates poetry from pure, authentic and traditional material. He draws his inspiration from the nature of Cyprus, its flora and fauna, its sea and sky, its dry landscapes. And he respects all his material, embracing it with abundant warmth and love. He does not spoil or despoil them with injections of precarious experimentations of modern approaches. […] Andreas Petrides is not a poet who produces voluminous work, but one who works on his verses again and again, leaving poems in his drawers for years to mature and to be tested by time. I propose that the aesthetic result, at least in most of the 28 poems that comprise the collection, justifies his approach.